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Idea search in a pseudo-cd-enciclopaedia over “inside the livig”


Idea search in a pseudo-cd-enciclopaedia over “inside the livig”

“Inside the Living
My body is Space in Space
Time in Time
and Memory of All.”

- the text is composed from approximated excerpts (submitted to subjective juxtapositions and alterations) from: ”The New Age Dictionary” by Alex Jack, Tokyo & New York, Japan Publications Inc.
1990, the *dialogue “Emergencies” by Achille Bonito Oliva and Helena Contova, Venice Aperto ’93 in XLV Biennale di Venezia, Milano, Giancarlo Politi Editore, 1993* ”German Video Art 1992-1994”, cat. published by town of Mar land Goethe Institute, Munich, 1994 - texts by Norbert Nowotsch – “Form of Format” and Wulf Herzogenrath - “Video Sculpture” *Hal Foster - “Re: Post” in “Art After Modernism: Rethinking Representation”, The New York Museum of Contemporary Art & Godive Publisher Inc., Boston 1984 *no. special “Video Formes” 7/1995 „Turbulences Video”, Clermont Ferrand, DRAC Auvergne.
- warning: such kind of text – collage of excerpts, appropriated and modified – is both stimulative and dangerous – causing total mixture of concepts, mythologies, euristic fields…
art 1) the way of expression that heals or gives appreciation of the Order of the Universe. (Aveline Kushi)
2) an aid to healing the spirit which talks about the Order of the Universe expressed in the seasons and growth of our spirit through stages of darkness and light, differentiation and integration. (Sherman Goldmann)
3) a Samurai sword that punches a hole through your solar plexus so that the Universe can start to flow through you again; that which opens up your crown chakra and sends you soaring into the seventh heaven. (Sherman Goldmann)
artist 1) a master of metaphorical language who reawakens the heard and eye to wonder. (John Campbell)
2) one who works with rhytms and patterns of energy.
3) one who masters and goes beyond all of conditions, techniques, technologies, practices, transmissions, histories, traditions, teachers, lineages and gets back to the creative base. (Gary Snyder) archean - the age when only organism on Earth were bacterias and when the atmosphere was dominated by methane, and oxygen was only a trace gas. astral light - auric or nonphysical light perceived as vibrations surrounding beings or objects. autoscopy (here realised by video means) 1) vision of one’s image outside the body
2) vision of one’s double in a dying state
3) vision of one’s internal organs
Bardo (Tibetan) - “between 2” - intermediate state between death and rebirth
Skyes-gnas……earth plane
rmi-lam……dream plane
’chi’i’kha….facing death
chös-nyid……experiencing reality (truth) during postmortem existence
biologogram - wave structure that is created by the oscillation of bioplasma
- beta waves – brain waves indicating normal waking state with consciousness directed to the
external environment
- theta waves – brain waves associated with meditation, memory and learning enhancement,
or vivid imagery.
bioresonance – theory that every living thing resonates at its own, unique frequency, like a musical
cosmic consciousness / astral projection / spirit dreaming / inner sound…
Cosmic Heart – “its call is vibrating throughout the Earth” (Elizabeth Delvine King)
deep knowing / A Venues of self-discovery (through AV media)
ESP 1) extrasensory perception; Knowledge beyond the five senses
2) elementary spiritual powers (Mark Age)
feminism - Annie Lennox’s “Medusa”
galaxy 1) large star cluster, nebulae and interstellar matter catalogued as a spiral, elliptic, irregular, peculiar,
radio, exploding
2) a vast spiral of energy that is created and substantially held in balance by a more Yang centripetal
force generated by the periphery of space and more Yin centrifugal expanding force generated outward
from the center of the spiral. (Michio Kushi)
holistic - knowledge or approach that is simultaneously intuitive and rational, scientific and artistic;
whole, integrated comprehensive.
Holotropic Breathwork - a non-drug journey into nonordinary states of conciousness
Life 1) energetic property of all living beings including mountains, rivers and valleys (see Castaneda’s
Don Juan)
2) the passing of energy through changing forms
3) consciousness, awarness, the eternal play of freely creating and erasing images (Michio Kushi)
4) a self - organizing system characterized by an actively sustained low entropy and things bounded
by walls, membranes, skin or waxy coverings; using energy directly from the sun and indirectly from
food, incessantly acting to mantain their identity and integrity, even as they grow, change and reproduce
and which do not lose their visible, recognizable entities. (Lovelock)
5) sorrow (Buddha)
6) the ability to move upstream against the flow of time (Schroedinger)
7) evolving process from lithic to human and then, through ageing, back to lithic states (human ageing
process/portrayal of old skin textures) „Dying Birds/Aves Morientes” (a short poem)
when very old
much alike
Old birds
as watching blind,
with a unique, penetrating, opalescent eye,
become… lithic
8) carbon flesh activated and maintained by a genetic code (modern view)
Life energy - cosmic life that animates and circulates throughout creation, natural electromagnetic energy
of the infinite Universe composed of waves, rays and vibrations that remain undetected by modern
- elan vital (Bergson), etheric formative force (Steiner), libido (Freud), negative entropy (Schroedinger),
noetic energy (Charles Muss), oranda (Iroquois), pneuma (Greek), prana (Sanskrit), telesman
(Hermes Trismegistus).
Magic Table of 9 Basic stages of energy flow (derived from the Late Heaven Diagram of the I Ching):
1) White Water……Gentle Flowing Energy
2) Black Soil……Nourishing Energy
3) Emerald Tree……Budding Energy
4) Green Tree……Branching Out Energy
5) Yellow Soil……Centering Energy
6) White Metal……Gathering Energy
7) Red Metal……Reflecting Energy
8) White Porcelain Soil…… Shining Energy
9) Purple Fire……Active Energy
… the I Ching speaks of the Ten Thousand things to symbolize the Universe, the phenomenal world of
endless forms and ideas that delight the mind and senses.
… the themes of reconciling spirit and matter, the alchemy of the unconscious depths and vitalist principles
mandala - intricate pattern of concentric circles, squares, polygons and other geometric
symbols representing the Order of the Universe, used for instruction or
mantra - formula composed of syllabes (meaningful or meaningless) whose sounds
produce psychic or spiritual effects; sacred sound.
mask with eyes (Tibetan art) - sensory awareness
meditation 1) contemplation, reflection, intuition, doing nothing.
2) practice leading to cosmic consciousness, enlightenment, truthconsciousness-
bliss, absorption with the divine, union of skillful means and perfect wisdom.
3) practice of centering the whole being, developing body-consciousness,
rooting in the here-and-now, perfecting harmony and balance with the Earth.
4) self analisys, self-cultivation, self-enlightenment (Swami-Rama).
5) thought-form building, bringing down to the concrete levels of the mental
plane abstract ideas and intuitions and shattering of forms; establishing of a direct channel between the
monad and the purified personality and between the seven centers in the human etheric vehicle; freedom
to work on any path. (Alice Bailey)
memory - recall of one’s eternal journey and purpose of the Earth.
vision of the future
vision of the past
metachory - abstract synthesis of dance-motion, poetry, music, geometrical form, color, perfume (Rudhyar)
metaliguistic - telepathic communication, from learning the language of birds, animals and plants to the
application of mantras to psychotronic energy systems, etc.
mind energy…
morphogenetic field - a subtle patterning field generated by a natural system that organizes subsequent
similar systems.
mudra 1) gesture that expresses or encourages different attitudes of mind (Buddhism)
2) gesture producing psychic responses (Hinduism)
3) third M in the tantra; aphrodisiac
4) sinuous hand movement in dance (Sanskrit)
“nature and the body” - one of the “Emergencies” in Achille Bonito Oliva’s Aperto ’93
NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) - a psychology of communication wich recognizes
the link between linguistic and physiology understanding such factors as tone of voice, pitch, body posture,
eye movements. (Beuys stated that the body is indispensable for communication)
Noogenesis - spiritual evolution, opposite of entropy (Teilhard)
Noosphere - Teilhard de Chardin’s envelope of widening cosmic consciousness surrounding the Earth.
psi - general term for ESP (see ESP)
psion - psi information structures that continuosly circulate between humans and the planet (Jose Arguelles)
rain - acid rain (or bleeding, or crying as forms of rain) - pictorial traces on the artist’s face (to be seen:
“Persona” by Ingmar Bergman, “Blade Runner” by Ridley Scott - dying mutant - “The Human Face” by
Laurie Anderson).
Scientology - the study and handling of the spirit in relationship to itself, Universe, and another life; (a
route, way through its drills and studies one may find the truth for oneself ).
Skandha (“aggregate”), one of five heaps in Buddhism into which all existence is categorized:
samskara…..past impressions
SKIPI (Super Knowledge Information Processing Intelligence) - prototype computer program derived
from cybernetics, game-theory, and psychedelic drugs.
space-time - four dimensional continuum used in realitivity theory to unify the traditional
concepts of space and time.
spiral - the pulsating rhythm that infuses all life, the dance of whirling into being and
whirling out again (Starhawk)
thermodynamics - the branch of physics dealing with time and energy and which
connects living processes to the fundamental laws of nature.
video (see below)
violence - another “Emergence” in Achille’s Aperto ‘93
“And what about another field of video art where technology is active, the installation? The remarkable point was that the movement from the screen to the room was constantly a movement from the room back into the screen at the same time. The intrusive aspect of a multi-screen presentation, a video-sculpture and sometimes a video installation was ultimately feedbacked onto the screen in the course/process of viewing. This ultimate centring of vision contains one of the fundamental differences compared to traditional, three-dimensional works of plastic art. (…) They integrate the observer into what is happening – interactively – gently but inescapably, and develop a “tuned space” in the musical sense, in which the individual elements join together into a harmonic/rhythmic cadence.” (Norbert Nowotsch)
(just only a few more common places…)
- video is image and sound
experiencing space and time
mixing documentary, experimental and fictional aspects
visual improvisation & “Illuminated Music”
holistic approach
- art crosses all borders and returns to society, audience, through “conceptual real” (Bonito Oliva)
- the mixed forms… a sophisticated and energetic combination of poetic and moving elements (Wulf
- endless re-production of metaphors
implying strata of meanings (impurity of meaning)
levels of representation/structures of signification
opening of cultural codes
- identifying, of course, such characteristic as:
presence at “theatre” or preoccupation with time (impermanence, fluctuations) (Crimp’s postmodernism)
“eruption of language” (Owens’ postmodernism)
“expanded field” (Krauss’ postmodernism)
lessons from: - l’ivresse de Bill Viola
- traverse chirurgicale de Peter Campus
- Nam June Paik’s “Kharma no.7”
(and so on…)

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