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Reflections on womanhood and feminism


Around 1996 I entered an exhibition by Marilena Preda Sânc. It was called “Alive”. The mother of plaster, canvas shapes, video image with faces of old women transforming into land was sitting discreetly like a shadow somewhere in a corner of the room. I glanced over the “shapes” created by Marilena listening to the voice accompanying the video of the metamorphosis of land-old women faces. After a while I left the room without being able to say something to Marilena. My voice had perished blocked by the emotion and frustration of the theoretician in front of a work that was embodying so sensationally womanhood. I was thinking of the coldness of my reasoning and theories from Convenio, the moral philosophy book I had published not long before the exhibition and which I had probably conceived along with Marilena’s conceiving of artistic polymorphisms. I had lived in that moment “the seeing” of the philosophical intuitions developed in the book. I completely felt how incomplete and unfulfilling philosophy is to itself and the extent of understanding and self expression as a woman Marilena reached through her art. Still, I was comforted by the joy of background sorority, the familiar air of the word-ideas and ideas-images. For an instant I had the warm illusion that I had the strength, the time and courage to generate the authentic shape of feminism, the creative one. (…)
Maybe, as many others, we live narrowly, crushed by the needs of our own fields of expertise and institutions, less and less present at least as spectators in the other facets of culture. Yet history proved that I had rushed in my judgments. Our society was and still is too saturated by other needs in order to allow “the luxury” of creativity. Especially for those of us who produce new beginnings.

Miroiu, Mihaela, Nepreţuitele femei, Editura Polirom, Iaşi, 2006, pp. 101-102.

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