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 Marilena Preda Sânc: Crossing Worlds by Olivia Nitis

Umbre scurte / Short Shadows by Mircea Oliv

In between worlds; crossing self-histories 1981-2011 by Olivia Nitis

Marilena Preda Sanc. Constructii-Spatii / Constructions-Spaces by Radu Procopovici

O fisiune nucleara a imaginii / A nuclear fission of the image by Magda Carneci

Constructii-Spatii / Constructions-Spaces by Maria-Magdalena Crisan

Idea search in a pseudo-CD-Enciclopaedia over "Inside the Living" a video-installation by Ruxandra Balaci

1994- Ridurile materiei / 1994 – The wrinkles of matter by Calin Dan

Reflectii despre femeiesc si feminism / Reflections on womanhood and feminism by Mihaela Miroiu

Carnea picturii / Fleshpaint by Calin Dan

Expresie si vitalism / Expression and Vitalism by Alexandra Titu

Un sens intuitiv al experimentului / Der Intuitive Sinn des Experiments by Liviana Dan



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